Mezzanine Finance for Developments

Jump Start your Business Finance today! Best Alternative to traditional Lenders!

Available Amount up to $20 Mil

Mezzanine finance is the perfect solution for developers experienced in construction or development of investment property. It helps them to contribute less funds to invest in a property to generate income. Developers sometimes face difficulty to raise cash when working on multiple projects or buying investment property they prefer loan against development, which offers them the freedom to raise the required amount and contribute a lower amount of the equity of their own.

GAP securities is one of  the vital leading lenders of Mezzanine finance for developments. We provide you the required cash-flow for your property developments. This is a kind of top-up loan product in which builders can raise an additional 10-15% of LVR required to fill in the gap between primary development loan. It is very useful to provide additional funds to boost your loan size against the property value.

Mezzanine finance is useful to:

  • Boost your loan size and contribute a low amount of equity amount in development of property or purchase new investment property
  • Equity required in multiple developments.
  • Boost your ROE on invested amounts in a property
  • Invest less and save your equity

Mezzanine Finance Releasing Cash for Developers

Mezzanine finance provides assistance in providing a customized solution for project funding. We understand that it is important to release cash into the project to complete development, thus we offer structured second mortgage loan or senior or subordinate debts to cover the cost of development required.

GAP securities can structure 80 to 90% of the property purchased price for the development costs required, this means that your contribution would be only 10%, which will help you save a huge amount of investment required. You can avail cash release for not only one but multiple sites, we can assist you with different solutions for individual project requirements.

Mezzanine finance benefitting businesses

  • We consider all circumstances
  • We review business needs and offer customized solution.
  • Easy financing options with quick access to funds
  • Best and lowest pricing structure
  • Personalised service offered to meet individual client needs from dedicated staff.

Our dedicated staff members are available to offer you support and guidance, please contact us or just apply online filling up a simple online application form and we will be happy to offer customized solution for your development or Mezzanine finance requirements.

Key Feature

  • Equity Finance secured by a second mortgage.
  • Joint Venture finance up to 100% of costs of the project
  • Amounts up to $20 Million
  • Fee based on profit share