Fast and Easy Bridging Loans Melbourne

If you are waiting for fund a new house purchase, new business venture, or simply require fast injection of capital into your business while you’re waiting for your existing property to sell. GAP Securities provides its clients with the best bridging loans solution available in today’s market. Our depth of experience gives you the edge. We provide the best start up business loans possible.

How does bridging loans Melbourne work?

Bridging loans Melbourne is like a short-term mortgage that is ‘secured’ against property. Your bridging loan is usually secured either on your new property, the existing one, or both of them. Lenders usually advance bridging loans of up to seventy fifth of the property price, less any existing mortgages. LVR depends on the actual investor therefore you’ll get an improved loan-to-value quantitative relation.

  • Poor Credit History?
  • Cash Flow Problems?
  • Lack of Business History?

Gap Securities operates Australia Wide and can settle transactions in 24 Hours.

Commercial bridging loans $50,000 to $20 Million Fast

While running a business, you sometimes feel the need for urgent cash-flows, which is essential for every business growth. GAP Securities is a private lending firm, with its professional approach and experience in providing various loan products, offers commercial loan solutions for borrowers looking for short and long-term business bridging loans Melbourne.

We provide commercial loans, to business owners, for:

  • Business expansions
  • Land and building
  • Capital purchases
  • Machinery and equipments
  • Leveraged takeovers
  • Seasonal working capital
  • Update inventory and stocks

What is a commercial business bridging loans Melbourne and how it works?

Commercial business bridging loans are purely an interest based loan product, provided to business owners for a specified time period for business purposes. The features may be similar to any other loan available in the market, but it is very different from them. A commercial loan is used for any type of urgent finance requirements in the smooth running of the business processes.

Our commercial loan products are specially designed, understanding that businesses require cash-flows time to time. Commercial loans are a business based loan product, thus, while providing a commercial loan we consider your business revenues and incomes generated from your business processes to understand your requirements and your repayment options.

A simple online application can assist you in providing the required funds for your business. Even if you have bad credit and are new to business and are unable to present your business statements, we will consider your application.

Commercial loans in Australia

Many banks and conventional lenders are providing commercial loan products Australia wide, then you might ask, why we are different? Here’s why, firstly we are not banks, we are private lenders and are experienced in providing the best solution to our clients fulfilling their cash-flow requirements within minimum turnover time. Being different from traditional lenders we can provide your approval within few hours of your bridging loans application and transfer funds into your accounts fast.

You just need 5 minutes to fill out our online application form, it can allow you access to funds you require fast.

Key Feature

  • Minimum Loan Amount $50,000 to $5 Million
  • Max LVR 75%
  • Loan Term: 12 Months
  • Acceptable security: Commercial, Industrial, Specialized securities
  • Loan type: the loan is an Interest only or Interest plus principal
  • Private Funding
  • LVR is fixed and does not decrease with increase of the loan size
  • No Maximum Cash Out
  • We Lend Australia Wide